About us

Joint Stock Company "Experimental Design Bureau of Microelectronics" (OKB MEL JSC) is a Russian enterprise engaged in the development and manufacture of microelectronic products for civil and special purposes.

The main activities of OKB MEL JSC:

  • research, development and manufacture of microelectronic products;
  • replication of microelectronic products manufactured by enterprises of near and far-abroad countries;
  • sales of self-engineered products;
  • development and manufacture of products according to customer requirements.

OKB MEL JSC was founded on June 17, 2003. Throughout its existence the company has become a reliable supplier of microelectronic products for Russian industrial enterprises.

Currently the company produces more than 200 types of semiconductor and hybrid microcircuits, secondary power sources and microassemblies.

In addition, OKB MEL JSC develops and manufactures unique products. The works are carried out by order of the leading enterprises of the Russian industry.